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Hi everyone...Sorry I haven't been posting. I've been very busy, as you'll see. Also, I thought I'd crossposted something from my personal livejournal to here, but apparently I didn' I'm copying it here:

Wednesday, May 4th, 2005
2:09 pm
Pattern Hydra
Proof that I can't do ANYTHING small: I was planning to launch the "Mayfaire" line of patterns with a single package, a simple Irish dress and leine combo. But it's taken on a life of its own.

It turns out the same leine pattern will work for both sexes, so I've split the Irish dress and leine into two packages, so guys don't have to pay for a dress they won't use. Then I got to thinking about all the folks who want to dress their kids in something sinmple, comfortable, and reasonably accurate. Okay, I'll split it again and do children's and adults versions. But wait! If the ladies have a dress to wear over their leines, surely the men should have something now there's an ionar/jacket pattern.

Cool. Five patterns where there was one. But Wait again! the Irish dress bodice is identical to an English bodice pattern, except the latter has a pointed front. Well, that's easy to fix...and little girls like to dress English now there are SEVEN patterns. And I don't have to take a big risk on those bodice patterns, because they're small enough to get printed on bond paper at the local copy store as I need them, instead of having a thousand tissues printed.

But wait! While a lot of people just want to make a plain bodice with no frills, some people really like tabs and skirtings and shoulder treatments. So why not make up an add-on package that they can buy or not as wanted?

So, that's eight patterns. Except that I know people are going to want smocks and skirts to wear with those bodices, and the smock pattern can also be made with different sleeve lengths and necklines that can turn it into a medieval tunic, and.....

I'm doomed. Doomed to sit here and crank out patterns for the rest of eternity, with no end in sight.

What a great fate. :)
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