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Did I understand correctly that...

...this is another place where I can shamelessly promote whatever I make from Margo's patterns...? ;-)
(the first entry in this community makes me think so, so I'll just start away with it, as no one else seemed to dare to do so until now...)

Hi, I'm Naergilien, real name Sabine, some of you might know me from Margo's mailing list where I have last presented a doll gown version made with Margo's patterns...

Well. Currently I'm making a human sized gown - a copy of Queen Elizabeth's "Pelican" gown, to be exact. By now the gown is finished, but I have written such an extensive dress diary that I am posting it in installments, so far over at dressdiaries and elizabethangarb - but perhaps I can find some new "victims" here...? ;-)
Two previews of the back-then still unfinished gown:

0005tsxa 0005rxy6

If you have already followed my postings over at either of those communities - don't be scared, I'm not intending to spam this fairly new community with all my old entries. Instead, I'd like to link to my tagged site which I have so far created for this particular costume reproduction. You can find it here:

and it's pobably best if you would read it from bottom to top, as the oldest entries are - typical for Livejournal - at the bottom. This will give you the chance to go through each and every step I have so far posted.

If it is allowed, I'd like to post the entries for the last steps - 'just' another five or ten or so... - in this community as well. The gown *was* made with Margo's patterns - The Lady's wardrobe - just that I had to invent a new pattern for the rolled sleeves of the Pelican gown.

Well, I hope I didn't make anything wrong introducing myself here with this posting (I'm a bit scared because so far only margorose posted here...). :-S

Best wishes,

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