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help with the corset

Hi all. I have a couple of questions to ask about the corset. I am also a member of the yahoo group, but after hours of searching, I couldn't find quite the right answer. Here goes:

As I will have to lace into and out of this corset by myself every time, I was looking to put front lacing in. Would the correct method to do this be simply slicing the front for the lacing and adding two inches to the back open so they can be sewn together? If not, what is the best method?

Also, instead of getting rid of the back lacing, would it be alright to keep both, as then I wouldn't have to get the fitting perfect (it's my second corset and I'm not entirely confident about my ability yet...)? I'm not necessarily lookng for absolute historical accuracy. I'm concerned that having two points of lacing would weaken the corset. Any thoughts?

Any help will be greatly appreciated! ^.^
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