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Yardage Question

A general question for anyone who owns Margo's Pattern for underpinnings. I posted to the yahoo list but haven't received an answer yet, and this is time sensitive.

I am going to take advantage of a great sale on a linen/cotten blend tonight and want to buy enough to make the farthingale and square-necked smock. I also wondered if the blend would be good to use as a lining to the corset. I don't know the exact mixture, but others seem to think it's a good smock weight. It's the linen/cotton blend on sale at JoAnn's this week.

However, I haven't bought Margo's pattern yet, so I don't know how much to buy! If anyone has this pattern and could take a quick peek for me, I would be ever so appreciative!

I am 5'2", and size 16-18 in normal clothes.

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