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Blue & Gold Male Henrician

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So, not feeling well I've been lying around a lot today, and am now feeling antsy. So I took some photos of my client's doublet and jacket bodies (meaning just the top halves) that are mostly done, at least enough to see what I've been busy with.


View all starting here: Royal Blue & Gold Henrician Doublet & Jacket.

And yes, it is on a woman's dress form, as I don't have one for a man. That's why it is sitting funny, and gaping in the front. I am also wondering how best to deal with all those little puffs coming out of the slashes, because sometimes they like to disappear into the cuts. This might be annoying to keep pulling them out while wearing the outfit.

I hope to get some work on another part of the outfit tonight, if I don't end up in bed again really soon.
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