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Slops help?

Hello! This seems to be a low volume group so not sure if this is the right place to ask. (I've sent an email to Margo to ask to join the Yahoogroup.)

I'm making a muslin for the medium length slops, and have just cut out the base, pattern pieces size 2A and 2B. The very first instruction on page 57 says to stitch the side seams.

Except that the side seam on 2A is an inch longer than 2B. What should I do?

I haven't got the length wrong, really! (The medium for a size 40 is ten lines up from the max length, which I've taped up on both 2A and 2B).
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This was a topic on the Yahoo list several weeks ago. Ease the difference in.
Thank-you so much!

Might I ask one more question of you in the interim? Is 2A definitely the front and 2B the back? because they're both marked as 'front' on the tissue, and I would have expected the back to have the longer side, so that the eased curve follows the line of his seat.

I hope to be added to the Yahoo group soon - I think I really need that slops thread!
When I get home, I'll look at my copy of the pattern.

When I made it 2 years ago, I'm pretty sure I eased 2B to 2A, and 2B was indeed the back piece. I think. LMK if you need me to start at it for you, or forward you the relevant Yahoo groups stuff (I am on the group -- Margo gets overwhelmed and doesn't get to approvals as fast as one might wish:)