Margorose (margorose) wrote in margospatterns,

Happy Hat Day!

Hat Day is a holiday my family has been celebrating lo, these 23 years now.
It started out as a prank we were playing on my sister's new boyfriend. We
thought it would be funny to all be wearing silly hats when they arrived on
the evening before Thanksgiving, and act as if it was a holiday everyone
celebrated. As I recall, he passed with flying colors, donning a pith
helmet and enjoying himself immensely.

So, we still wear silly hats on Thanksgiving Eve, as a celebration of family
and silliness. I'd like to invite all 860 or so of you in my extended
family to join me, by putting on a silly hat and thinking about all the
ways your family (either the one you were born into or the one you've
created for yourself) is special.

And Happy Thanksgiving, everyone. I'm more grateful than I can say, for all
of you.
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