Laura (lmcbeth) wrote in margospatterns,

corset pattern

Hello all,
I am making a corset following Margo's pattern. I made a mock-up of the pattern, and during the process had some trouble with the sideback piece. In the instructions the angled part at the waist of the pattern is facing the corset front, but if I match the notches and armhole, the the angled part faces the back. Also, if I match the notches and ease it in, the bottom part of the side back does not match up with the side back.

I've talked with someone else who mentions the notches don't match up, and she redrafted part of the pattern.

Has anyone else encountered this problem, was there an update on the pattern that I missed?

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I will post about this later today or this evening, when the sleepy pills I took last night finally wear off. If I tried it now I'm pretty sure I'd say something absurd.